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Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
schools. in the first nine months f 400-assaults √°repprted√° on city school campuues. at least four guns were allo conniscattd. a former city pchool police officcr says the department is not prrperly prepared. ( joseph baribeault)"as of right now you show up and your on a wing and a prryer. look at columbine.. andd had prrtocols in ppaccea long - time go" ago" the teachers union is asking dministrators to review the emergency response plans in the wake of the connecticut massacre. o'malleysays he plans to - introducc bills aimedat ppeventingga similar trageey fromoccurring here in maryland. theegovernor tells reporters his administration plans to sponsorat least one bill o restrict...orbbn assault weapons.the governor says he'd re-instate a federalban on &passault weapons that xpired back in 2004. ((oveennr) "it would be a llt &pmore effeetive at the national level and hey should have never allowed the assault weapons ban lapse at the nationallleeel buttat that level probaaly thhelobbies are probably are hhre in maryland." maryland."but at least onee state lawmaker sayspassing tougher gu
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
... funeral service... was held today... for the viitim... of a new york city... subway attack..../ poliie... say... he was pushed ...on... the tracks ... fight... with a stranger....// chang reports, .../ family memmers ....are... calling for while... the - &pssspect ...makes a.. shocking claim. 3 3 -3 3 done." 3 shocking video...out of california.... where a seeenn year old girl ii struuk ...and dragged... by a... hit-anddrunn driver ... ... securiit cameras ...catching a speeding... toyota ...four--unner ...// whiih... hit.. evelyn sanchez ... and... dragged her... almost... thirty feet... before taking off...///. the yyung girll.. survivee ...//. she's... hospitaized.. with injuries... to her heaa and bodd. 109-119"well myymom is at the hospital. she ii i guess...she's still ike crying about it because she still rrmmmbers eeerything and how it happened. she saw everything, she was right there" there."46-56"you can see hii steppinggon the breaa light. it's appareet that he hould have known that he hht somebody. he didn't stop. he pidn't render aid." aid."thh youngster... underweet surgg
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
citys homicide rate is up 17 percent. the city rrached the grim milesttne of 5000murddrs when a 40-year-old man was &pshot n the head while standdng outside convenience store. police say p8. ers in chicago since 20- a different story in newwyork city. the numbbr of murders ii the big aaple are at according to the n-y-p-- the citt had 414 homicides compared to 471 ii 20-09.. police also &psay they seized 8-thousand weapons this year. today was also good day ffr "gooo riddance". p hundreds of peopleeheaded to tiies square to toss their bad memories of 20--2 into aagiant aper hhped to rrd themselves of bad karma...while others wanttd to rid ttemselves of bad habits. 3&"i'm ggving up the wwole 2012 aal of it. the whole year." //butt to//"yeahh i'm giving up my sweet tooth. coz it'' become a reallyybig problem.. problem." police expect millions of people to be in times square new years eve for 3 they just shifttd the chairs."o chairs." state depaatment &pofficcall fired for mistakee linked to tte attack in libba. why the puuishment may not be what the gooernment said it was. a ban on u-
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
." &p3 the school administrator was sent to the hospitall. the suspect s at the city lock up -- ttoight acing longgliit of - charges. no students weee hurt ddringgthe inciient. -3 3maryland schools reacted too & the sshoting todayyby talking to studenns studdntsbaltimore countys crisis plan was updated & earlier thii year aater the shooting at perrr haal high school. still officials aree & reassessinn their uilding for safety. today they had extraa securityyonnhand and they made sure counselors were availabll. - 3 " we knew that kids were going to ave uestions....outcce: to ansser those questions &pquestions 3 ooffcials did not see any -3 decline in attendancc, though more parents drove tteir kkds & to sshhol today. 3 thheconnecticuu hoooing has triggerrd many people to call for striccer gun control laws. laws. mmnyymmryland politicians and even some members of aw nforrement have come outttoday calling for mooe stringgnt gun onttol &plaws. thooe against suuc measures.... point to the fact phat maryland alleady has some oo he most reetrictive ggn controo aws in the nationn.. & curtail...
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
illegal gun taken off city streets so far this year. it happened during the arrest f a suspect n a hhme invaaion in northwest baltimore "the horrifii moment... oq:: the job that we're doing ut he" here." policc say a woman was assaulted by the suspecc during the breek in. there were also several children in the home at the time. a former frostburg state university sttdent pleads guilty to secood degree murder. she killed a fellow student who grew up in baltimore. baltimore.shanaa iggins plead guiltyyin allegany countt circuii court monday.liggins killed fellow frostburg state university student kortneigh mccoy.the murder happened after a fight at an off campus ourt, liggins apologizee and told the family she wish she could ake it back: "her thooghts and her apology, does nothing for the fact, i'm onny leettwith the memmry of a " child" liggin's faces up to 30 years in prisionn 3 tww city schools went into lockdown today.... one because of a missing inmate. inmate.police are searching for this man..... 25 year old travis lee wildes.he was last seen aroundd12:15 after walking
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5